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Today Consumer-Packaged Goods companies work with an array of different tools to ensure best-in-class retail execution and meet their company objectives. But, juggling with various tools can sometimes hurt sales operations' effectiveness. An integrated Retail Execution/Image Recognition solution can bring CG manufacturers' Retail Activity Optimization strategy to the next level and facilitate their sales reps' activities.

Interested in learning more about the value of a joint RE/IR solution? We've created a joint white paper with our partner AFS Technologies to help you understand why this type of application is a must-have in the retail industry. 

Retail Execution-Image Recognition_AFSxPlanorama

In this 20-minute read, you’ll find:

  1. A review of Image Recognition’s capacities: get ready to meet the real thing & debunk your misconceptions about IR. Move away from theory & understand how IR can support your Perfect Store project & revolutionize your field forces’ activities.
  2. Real-life examples & numbers illustrating the value of an all-in-one Retail Execution/Image Recognition solution

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